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Customer Reviews

Christian from West Palm Beach, FL

This couch is everything I was looking for. It is full size, very easy to put together and decently comfortable. Perfect for my office.

Ryan from Springfield, MO

I love this sofa! I was worried about ordering online without trying it out, and everyone kept telling me I made a mistake. If this was a mistake, I should make them more often! It's very comfortable. I don't like couches you sink into and can't get out of. This couch is firm enough so you don't sink in, but still very comfortable! It's long enough to stretch out or lay down on. I love the color. The texture looks a bit artificial out of the box, but I think it will wear nicely. It's not something that would have kept me from buying it had I been able to see and try it out in person. It looks good from all sides. Since I was not planning on putting it against a wall I was concerned how a new couch would look from the back also. I have to say this looks great from everywhere. I'm very satisfied.

Cole from Los Angeles, CA

Looks just as good, if not better, in person. Super cute/classic, SUPER comfortable (I love firm support and would definitely sleep on it), and the style and color could go in a lot of different settings.